The female orgasm is a combination of several different responses that a woman has during sexual intimacy.

The female orgasm consists of a physiological response, in combination with an emotional and a psychological response, to duration of sexual stimulation.

The intensity of the female orgasm can vary among individual women, and even with the same woman, depending upon her attraction to and connection with her partner. In some cases, the excitement of the sexual experience can even contribute to a more intense female orgasm.

Following are some basic tips regarding how to achieve and enhance the female orgasm.

Facts about the Female Orgasm
The female orgasm consists of two types: clitoral and vaginal. Many female orgasms occur as the direct result of clitoral stimulation. This is the most common type of orgasm for women. In many instances, this is also the most intense type of female orgasm, but a combination of clitoral and vaginal orgasm is ideal.

Vaginal orgasms are much different than clitoral orgasms. In fact, some women are unable to have vaginal orgasms for a variety of reasons. For some women, the reason they are unable to achieve a vaginal orgasm is that their partner cannot maintain arousal long enough to bring them to climax.

For others, the reason might be psychological or physical. Unfortunately, there are also women who cannot experience any type of orgasm at all.

During recent years, however, researchers have added other types of orgasm that women often experience. An anal orgasm involves an orgasm as the result of intense anal stimulation. There are several ways that this stimulation can occur, but it generally involves the insertion of an object or the penis.

Both men and women can reach this type of orgasm and it can result either in an incomplete climax or, in some cases, a full orgasm.

Similarly, a breast orgasm is brought about by stimulating the breasts. The stimulation can occur as the result of rubbing, fondling or kissing. This is generally considered part of “foreplay.”

For some women, this can create orgasms of varying intensities, from mild to intense. While the majority of women may not ever experience this type of female orgasm, the ones who have experienced it enjoyed the arousal.

An intense orgasm from manipulation of the G-spot happens when a savvy lover finds this mystical area inside a woman’s vagina. Through the use of knowing fingers, the spot is massaged, and an orgasm emanates. The problem arises when the G-spot cannot be found. It may take several lovemaking sessions, but it will be worth the wait.

Lastly, the term “simultaneous orgasm” refers to the occurrence when both partners climax at the same time during intercourse. This can be intense for both partners, but it rarely happens. While some couples strive for this mutual orgasm, others feel that staggering the time of climax allows both partners to feel the full intensity of each other’s climax.

Female Orgasm Dysfunction
Unfortunately, some women suffer from a variety of symptoms that prevent them from achieving the female orgasm. The female orgasm dysfunction can be the result of many things.

One of the most common reasons for a female orgasm dysfunction is rooted in psychological reasons. Past events, such as rape or molestation, might cause physical problems that prevent climax. The view of sex received during the formative years plays a role in sexual attitude.

Parents who taught daughters that only bad girls have sex may see themselves as bad when engaging in sex. It might even be the result of how sex with their partner is approached. If the partner uses sex as a means of control or leverage, it might be difficult for the woman to achieve an orgasm.

Other women might have actual physical problems that prevent them from achieving female orgasm.

This might be the result of a low sex drive or the inability to get properly aroused. In fact, most women will experience some type of female orgasm dysfunction at least once in their life. In this way, it is much like a male orgasm dysfunction in that sometimes stress or nervousness might play a role in the inability to perform sexually.

Ways to Enhance the Female Orgasm
Body image plays an important role for women when it comes to sex. A poor body image can eclipse the desire for orgasm.

If you do not feel at home in your own skin, you may feel uncomfortable being nude with another person and find ways to cover your body. Rest assured that most women find fault with some aspect of their body. Do not let a poor body image keep you from enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures.

To help counter a negative body image, stand naked in front of a mirror and find all the good things about your body. Perhaps you have beautiful hair, gorgeous eyes or great legs. More mature women may feel gravity has claimed the body. If this is the case, remember that you are not alone. Everyone ages, but an enchanting smile remains even if the skin does sag a bit. Learn to love your body and take good care of it.

For a woman to achieve an orgasm, she must be in the moment. Although this sounds overly simplistic, it rings true. If you get lost in the happenings of the day or worry about tomorrow while making love with your partner, achieving an orgasm becomes difficult at best and even impossible.

During intimacy, you must remain focused on the sensations of your body. The fear of being seen as a loose woman or whore often comes into play when a woman grasps her sexual experiences with wild abandon, often halting the oncoming orgasm. Instead of allowing negative experiences or thoughts spoil the moment, embrace the delicious sensations.

Women thrive sexually on foreplay. Without kissing, fondling and a slow rise to sexual intercourse, a woman will often feel as though she was left in the dust. Taking time to completely stimulate the body from head to toe allows for a greater chance of reaching the pinnacle of sexual expression, an orgasm.

Learning about your own body and how it works will help when it comes time to play with your partner. Explore your body while bathing.

Even better, find a quiet time when you are alone and take your time learning what arouses you and what does not. Experiment by manipulating your clitoris with your fingers taking note of how various touches make you feel. Glance at the clock and see how long it takes your fingers to bring you to orgasm. Take your time and relax. Stay focused on what you are doing.

Fantasize about your next encounter with your lover. Once you know your body, it will become easier to share with your partner what turns you on and what does not.

Do not be shy when it comes to telling him what arouses you. He will appreciate your frankness and strive to bring you as much pleasure as possible.

Many women who are unable to achieve an orgasm through intercourse often achieve an orgasm through oral sex. Even without achieving an orgasm, oral sex can be extremely pleasurable for women. Oral sex is a viable option to consider when the female partner has difficulty reaching orgasm.

As with any lovemaking act, it is best to communicate with your partner and tell him what you enjoy while he is performing oral sex.

Before you settle down for a round of intimacy, take some extra time to be sure you have all of your needs met so that you can just concentrate on your partner and yourself. Have some of your favorite things readily available so you can get to them without killing the mood or the passion.

You can help to enhance your female orgasm by utilizing the following tips to help you concentrate on your five senses during time of intimacy.

The sense of smell is a great way to enhance female orgasm experiences. Use your favorite sensual scented candles before intercourse. Light the candles and have them burning during lovemaking.

Taste can be an erotic way to have a better orgasm, too.

Chocolate is a great way to enhance your lovemaking experience or you can bring a bottle of your favorite wine. You can also find a wide selection of edible oils and flavored lubricants that will add to the fun.

Some couples get stimulated by watching pornography together. You can try this, but if you are not comfortable with pornography, there are other options. Get your favorite erotic novel and read the sexual parts aloud to each other. You can even act out the scenes that you read in the book or the ones you see in the movie.

Music can be a great addition to any lovemaking session, too. Make a mixed CD of romantic songs that you both like. This is ideal if you want to have a deeply passionate evening. If you prefer to have a slow and gentle evening, you can make a CD of your favorite love songs.

Try to find songs that have special significance for you and your partner. Some couples might even choose a relaxation tape with the sounds of nature or rainfall. Find something that you both enjoy so that you can be in the proper mood for a night of pleasure.

Finally, and definitely not least, the sense of touch is vital when enjoying each other’s body. A massage can help you or your partner get in the mood and it is a great way to start the evening. Cover your bed with velvet or some other fabric that is pleasing to the skin.

Have several pillows and silk sheets around for extra sensation. If you prefer, you can even have some of your favorite adult toys within reach so that you can easily get to them if you need to.

The female orgasm has been studied for decades. It has been widely discussed among men who have a desire to make intercourse more enjoyable for their partner. Realize the fact that you are fortunate to be a woman. You have within your power the ability to be multi-orgasmic, something men can rarely achieve.

What many people do not understand is that achieving female orgasm can make the entire lovemaking experience more enjoyable for both people involved.

Either way, the female orgasm will always be an elusive and mysterious experience that will forever fascinate both men and women.
The female orgasm is a combination of several different responses that a woman has during sexual intimacy. The female orgasm consists of a physiological response, in combination with an emotional and a psychological response, to duration of sexual stimulation. The intensity of the female orgasm can vary among individual women, and...