Do you know how to please your man in bed step by step sexually? I am asking this because I know what a healthy sex life can do for couples, and what happens to a relationship when their sex life isn’t exciting or passionate.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to please your man in bed step by step.

Remember having an exciting sex life can help ignite a romance indefinitely, and cause a once luke warm commitment of love into one of hot passion, affection and romance for the long term.

Are you rarely in the mood to have sex, and does he complain about needing more?

Whether sex has caused a bigger problem in your relationship or other issues has caused sex to be at a standstill for you and your partner, revitalizing your sex life must be a priority.

In this article, you’ll learn secrets to pleasing a man in bed and vamping up a stale sex routine, and keeping it hot and high priority in your life.

Remember nothing is stopping you from reaching new heights in your sexual relationship?


It’s all here in this article, so get ready to become more attractive to your man,sexy and desirable than you ever have before!

So, let’s learn how to please your man in bed step by step.

#1. The Sex Gauge

Sex is a huge part of the relationship and depending on how satisfying your sex life is for you and for him, it always proves the same thing: the satisfaction of your current sex life (no matter how often or pleasing it may be) acts as a gauge for the closeness you experience.

Are you getting your needs met emotionally and sexually?

Is he?

Is your partner getting his needs met, sexually and emotionally?

When it comes to sex, there are a few things that always hold true.

First, when it comes to sex in long term relationships, the romance and affection dies shortly after their sex life does.

Secondly, a yearning for good sex often dies off because your emotional needs aren’t being met.

It doesn’t matter if you’re frustrated over a recent breakup and want to find someone you are truly compatible with, or you’re in a long term committed relationship and want to spice up your sex life.

Sex, and the act of showing love and intimacy with another, is about the passion, the yearning and the love that exists between you and between him.

Learn how to feel sexy, show off your sensual side and ignite a more satisfying love life for the both of you by applying the following tips in this article.

What you’ll find when you bring forth creativity, a desire to please and experience pleasure in new ways is a deeper love, bond and connection to your partner and for your partner than you have ever experienced before!

#2. Va-Va-Voom Body Language

As every magazine, movie trailer or highway billboard proves over and over again, sex sells.

Sex sells because everywhere you look, advertisers focus on the appeal of a woman licking her lips before biting onto a piece of food, or stroking a man’s back in a sensual way; kissing slowly,   and passionately to excite him to make the next move, or even stare at him with a longing that he can’t refuse.

It’s hot. It’s sexy. And it’s what attracts you to him, and him to you.

#3. What Type of Sex Language Do You Speak?

Who do you lust?

Is it your boyfriend or spouse?

Is it a friend you want to turn into your lover?

Do you lust after someone you’ve only gazed longingly at, but haven’t worked up the courage to talk to?

Practice exploring feelings of lust, and when the time is right, act on it!

If you get butterflies in your stomach when just thinking about your boyfriend of just two months, show up to his door wearing nothing but underwear, his t-shirt and an overcoat.

Remember learning how to please a man sexually is a subtle art that you’ll learn only when you’ve the courage to try new and kinky sex ideas.

#4. Your Love is Real – So, Show It!

The media has many ways to demonstrate what sex is, but how realistic is it?

Sex in a real relationship of love is not always the stuff found in movies or magazine ads.

It’s real.

It can be messy, and the fool proof moves as seen in a steamy sex scene don’t always go so smoothly in real life.

But your sex life as you know it to be today can become even better than a multi-million dollar romantic movie.

With the right moves, the right words and the right attitude, bring sizzling sex back into your life as never before!

That’s because unlike a movie, your love – the love that exists between you and your partner is real.

He’s real, and so is his appeal for you.

You’re real, with real emotions for your partner, which means that with the right moves in the bedroom, your sex life has the potential to be hotter than any two actors going at it on screen.

Sometimes, nothing is as sexy as a silent moment between you and him.

After all, it’s when passionate kisses, lustful holding, and pulsating moves come into play.

And if you’ve been missing this in your life, and your relationship is desperately asking for it back, consider this article all you need to resuscitate the romance.

It’s about you and him – a passion, and a longing to be intimate; to feel as if no one else exists but the two of you.

If, despite how much you love him and he loves you, you haven’t experienced that sense of urgency your partner has for you, it’s time to stop talking and start strutting.

Your sexual partner wants to pleasure you without being dictated on the right way and the wrong way to do it.

Are you a talker, chatty during most of your waking hours?

Turn up your sex life all by showing him the moves you have, so that he’ll turn on his best moves accordingly!

The right body language can show that you lust him, crave him and can’t live another second without being in between the sheets with him.

Use the wrong body language and you may prevent an opportunity for not just a satisfying sex life but a satisfying love life, now and down the road.

Here are some tips to seduce him any time of the day or night and to motivate him to become the best you’ve ever had – all without saying a word at all.,Man,Women
Do you know how to please your man in bed step by step sexually? I am asking this because I know what a healthy sex life can do for couples, and what happens to a relationship when their sex life isn’t exciting or passionate. In this guide, you’ll learn exactly...