First of all i would like to remove this body consuming thought out of your head
if you have them – Does size matter?

Your size counts for N O T H I N G.

Sure – some women may find a bigger cock more visually appealing, but when it comes
to giving her MIND-BLOWING pleasure and orgasms the story is completely different.

Whatever your size – you CAN do it. And you can do it EASILY once you know how.
Believe it or not… more size doesn’t really help.

It’s not about the size, it’s about your techniques and beliefs.

Stop worrying about the size you’re your ‘tool’ and start focusing on what really

So, lets discuss why orgasms? Why do we crave for orgasms so much?

  • It is a great stress-reliever. Orgasm teaches stressed people to clench and release
    every muscle in their body.
  • It relieves feelings of mild depression and boosts self-esteem and also makes you
    and your partner happy and satisfied with each other.
  • It relieves minor aches and pains, including headaches, by sending waves of endorphins
    which is natural painkillers throughout your body.
  • It helps make you more comfortable with and knowledgeable about your body, which
    makes it more likely that you will orgasm with your partner and trust me this will
    make her fall head over heels in love with you.
  • It reduces the pressure on your partner to “give” you an orgasm during lovemaking.

Now, that we have discussed some basics let’s dig a little deeper to the main stuffs.



A common sexual problem with men is their obsession with the physical.Men frequently
approach becoming good in bed with a problem-solving mentality, similar to learning
how to play chess.

They must make the right moves or else they’ll become a cuck and their women will
leave them for someone else.But this is far from the truth.And guys it only happens
in porn.

Now, the reason why this mentality is incorrect is that it totally neglects the
mindset. Although it is harder to see and understand than the physical, it is much
more important.

Mental stimulation is the most important of sex. Mere physical stimulation is
just “getting off.”

Extraordinary mental stimulation combined with basic physical stimulation is mind-
blowing.Imagine the difference between masturbating and having sex with a beautiful
woman.That is the difference that mental stimulation makes.

It should be obvious that the key to becoming great in bed does not lie in ways to
stimulate the body; it lies in ways to stimulate the mind.

You must have healthy beliefs and mentality about sexuality, you must understand that
women are highly sexual creatures .They crave intimacy.

Sexuality is controlled by the subconscious mind. If there is stress or conflict in
beliefs and priorities, the subconscious mind will be in conflict and the sexuality will

Only when there is balance and harmony among all beliefs and all priorities can sexuality

You must know it and understand it that everything you need to completely fulfill a woman
is already within you.And you bring her wild screaming orgasms because you command respect,
you build trust, and you lead her.



Dominance is the foundation of all male sexual power.The desire to be dominated by an Alpha male is one of the deepest desires of every woman.In the absence of Dominance, there is no sexual excitement.

Females crave Dominance and it is your job as a man to give it. This is easy to know logically; it is much harder to incorporate it into your core subconscious belief system.

Dominance is a mentality.You must internalize the beliefs that as a male you are inherently
dominant, and as a female she is inherently submissive.This is both right and natural.There
shouldn’t be any other way around it.And you must command her respect as well.

As a male you need to be at your core and grounded. Don’t ask questions, just do it.

Men have all the sexual power not women. You get to decide when it’s gonna happen or if it’s not gonna happen. Understand that you have total power of sex.

While having sex say – This pussy is mine. I own it. I’m its owner, landlord, sheriff, etc..


– 3 Dominance Triggers-

  1. Moving her body. Be it from the ass or the hips or the body. Just move her.
  2. Choke .Don’t overdo it.
  3. Verbal. Don’t tell how much you like it. Say how much she loves it and wants your penis.


>> Finding the Hot Spots

Hot spots are those “magic button” places on both of your’s body. You have them. She has them.You know where most of yours—and her—hot spots are, but you may not be hitting them in the most effective way possible. If the hot spots connections are good during foreplay and intercourse, orgasm is more likely to happen and be more intense.

Explore her hot spots and discover how she reacts to varying stimuli during oral and fingering, and then take that knowledge into lovemaking.

>> Foreplay

You must first seduce your lover’s mind. Seduction, in fact, is largely a mind game. People who play it
well know how to make us feel interesting and desirable. They know how to make eye contact and when to
drop the gaze.

Make her look into those big beautiful eyes of yours and let her see the promise of erotic fulfillment.
Whether you just met he person or have been married to them for twenty years, your eyes convey something
else along with passionate interest: a strong sense of your inviolate self and your passion for her.

A truly seductive person is the man she cannot own.

Some elements of foreplay include:

  • Building on the sexual tension created by holding, touching, and caressing
  • Whisper in her ears for naughty talk
  • Kissing
  • Sensual body stroking
  • Erotic massage
  • Manual genital play
  • Oral sex,Women
First of all i would like to remove this body consuming thought out of your head if you have them – Does size matter? Your size counts for N O T H I N G. Sure – some women may find a bigger cock more visually appealing, but when it comes to giving...