One of the biggest complaints I heard from my Man Panel was the lack of great oral sex in their lives. They believe that most women just don’t know how to give oral sex to a man.

“She won’t give me head unless I beg her to. I hate having to beg for it. Even when she will do it, the thrill just isn’t there.”… Martin (United States)

“It makes me feel like she finds me repulsive since she has zero interest in giving me oral sex and sucking my dick.”. .  . Jack (Australia)

“I love my wife and we have built a happy life. But I find myself fantasizing about the girlfriend I had before I met her. She wasn’t someone I wanted to marry, but she gave me the of my life.”. . . Justine (United States)

“I just wish she’d act like she enjoyed it. Surprise me once in a while and suck my cock because she wants to. Not because I’ve asked her to.. . .Ricardo (United States)

So, My Lady, if you are ready to please your man here are 7 Oral sex tips you’ll both lose your mind over

As today you’ll learn exactly what is oral sex or mouth sex the different oral sex positions and how to give oral sex to a man.

I understand that for a lot of women, giving head or oral sex feels like one more chore. They don’t call it a “job” for nothing, right?

But one of the best secrets for keeping your guy 100% focused on you is mastering the art of the enthusiastic BJ.

This isn’t the regular do-it-like-always and hope-it’s-over-quick kind of oral.

With this oral sex technique you will learn how to elevate your status from okay to WOW! in his mind.

Even for those of you who enjoy giving your guy head, this technique will floor him.

# Pre-oral Primer. . .

Every women giving oral sex to a man must read this Pre-oral primer step first.

Seriously, if you aren’t 100% confident or need to brush up on your BJ skills, read this first!

Ask what he likes before giving him oral sexEvery penis is slightly different, that is why oral sex techniques also has to be different – So asking your man what he enjoys is the number one thing you need to do.

Speed, position, and area of focus on are critical to know in order to do a custom-made job for him.

Wetter is better when giving oral sex to your manFlavored lubricant or lots of saliva is key.

A dry mouth on a dry penis can be painful. Make sure you’re well-hydrated to be in top saliva-producing mode.

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Practice oral sex techniquesIf you haven’t been giving many Blow job’s lately, your jaw will likely cramp up and it hurts like a mo-fo.

A lot of women don’t like giving oral sex to a man simply because it can be uncomfortable.

Like any skill, the more you practice oral sex techniques, the easier it becomes!

You can practice oral sex techniques by giving shorter oral sessions with him (like as a precursor to vaginal sex) and you can also practice alone with a banana.

Getting used to breathing through your nose, relaxing your throat muscles to calm your gag reflex, and keeping your jaw open make a big difference in your comfort level while giving head.

Not just the tip(the glans) is the most sensitive part on his body.

Too much tongue action too soon may not feel good for him.

Think of how you enjoy oral sex.

Most women like his tongue attention to start with slow and soft.

And then vary between direct pressure on the clitoris and licking/sucking on the inner and outer labia.

If he just went to town sucking or pressing hard on it right off the bat, you’d probably yelp in pain.

So think of how you enjoy oral and apply the same logic to his penis.

The length of the shaft, the base, balls, and perineum are all places to utilize and focus on while giving him oral pleasure. Start slowly and gently.

Vary where and how you are placing your mouth and tongue on him and build up speed and pressure as you go.

Use your hands to give oral sex to a manWhile deep-throating feels amazing for him, not every woman can do it.

Some of you just have too strong of a gag reflex. Or his penis might just be too big.

Or you may have a cold or allergies making filling your mouth and throat up with his cucumber impossible because breathing through your nose is a no-go.

Whatever the case, using your hands can help you bring him more and varied sensations and also helps your stamina.

Circling the base of his penis with your fingers in an “OK” sign, cupping his balls, and also using your hand in conjunction with your mouth are all important to incorporate.

Circling is one of the best mouth sex technique to try on your man.

If he happens to be well-endowed (length or girth) using your lubricated hand as an extension to your mouth is key to sustaining your session.

It’s okay to take a break from using your mouth and use your hands for a minute or two.

Be enthusiastic when you are giving oral sex to a manThis is probably the number one tip on giving great oral.


If he has to beg or you seem like you dread it, it massively diminishes his enjoyment.

I will tell you another personal story of my wife. She use to HATE giving me head. Like dreaded it. Avoided it at all costs.

I thought it was uncomfortable for her and even a little gross.

Of course she wanted to give me oral sex, but in her mind, that was different.

She couldn’t reliably orgasm from intercourse, but I could. So to her that justified her getting oral without having to give it.

One night, some how she gave in and started giving me the most timid BJ in history.

I stopped me, because I recognized that her resistance was actually coming from fear of not knowing what in the hell she was doing. It was obvious she was clueless!

I took the time to explain what to do. I was calm and reassuring and that gave her huge confidence boost.

The more I coached her, the better she got in giving oral sex.

Once she realized just how much power her mouth and hand had over driving me wild, she switched from dreading giving head to enthusiastically giving it. . . even enjoying it.
One of the biggest complaints I heard from my Man Panel was the lack of great oral sex in their lives. They believe that most women just don't know how to give oral sex to a man. “She won’t give me head unless I beg her to. I hate having...