This is often a man’s number one goal in bed. In any case, it’s a major goal: he thinks that if he can make his partner come during sex, she’ll place him on a pedestal and think of him as the best lay of her life! That’s not totally false – women love orgasms and I won’t even try to say otherwise! Still, you’ve got to get away from the idea that penetration is the best tactic. Why? Because this isn’t actually the greatest source of feminine pleasure!

make woman orgasm

Don’t worry, bringing a woman to orgasm through intercourse is indeed possible. But, guys, you’ve got to work for it, and pay attention to some other important parts before even thinking about sex. I know I’ve already talked to you about the female orgasm – and even given some advice in the article on foreplay (because, hey, the best way to start off a hot evening is with a steamy build-up.)

But today, we’ll focus on the practical side, by trying to give you some tips and tricks – after all, knowledge is power!


Make a woman orgasm : The triple spot technique

This method of bringing a woman to orgasm involves the simultaneous stimulation of three specific erogenous that will make your partner scream with pleasure. Rest assured, you won’t be running all over town – these three areas are located just inches apart: the pubis, the clitoris and the vagina.

So what to do?

First you’ve got to turn up the sexual tension by relying on the “anticipation of orgasm” technique (as explained in the article on foreplay). Once her underwear is off, the action can start moving faster: it’s time to show her that you know how to take care of her needs!


Getting underway

Start by kissing your partner down there – on her inner thighs and lower belly, gradually approaching the clitoris. Start gently licking. Do not apply too much pressure! It’s full of sensitive nerve endings, so be gentle!

In addition, you don’t want to move too quickly – orgasms build slowly. You want to gradually dial up the sexual tension so that she gets increasingly wet.

Then, use the longest finger of your right hand and move it slowly to the entrance of her vagina. Once you can feel her wetness, push your finger inside (again, move nice and slow). Your hand should be facing upwards, so that your finger can caress the front wall of her vagina, at the famous “G-spot.” Do this while continuing clitoral stimulation with your tongue.

Now the magic happens!

Your partner will soon be on the verge of orgasm. The you have two options: opt for penetration if you think you can last long enough for her to come (careful – you run the risk of leaving her frustrated if you can’t make it long enough), or continue with the method described above and start stimulating the third location, which will give her immense pleasure. Either way, don’t let the excitement stop building (unfortunately, this can happen very quickly).

If you choose the first option, then your task is to keep your partner’s pleasure heightened. Try changing positions to see which is most pleasurable. Once you find the right technique, keep at it until you’ve reached your desired result. Have confidence in your endurance and let your penis do what it was made for!

If you want to continue touching your partner to bring her to orgasm before moving on to the main attraction, here’s what you do:

Place your left hand on top of her pubic bone (at her lower belly) and apply pressure in a circular motion to a point directly above the one you’re already caressing internally (if this isn’t clear yet, keep reading and it will make sense). You should be stimulating the same spot from two directions (on the outside with the left hand and from the inside with the right hand, if you’re following me exactly!) You are now in the process of stimulating three of your partner’s most sensitive spots!

Be gentle at first and pay attention to your partner’s reactions both in terms of breathing and body tension. Slightly and gradually increase the pressure of your fingers following the same rhythm with your tongue (yes, it’s hard work to give an amazing orgasm!)

And now the grand finale! Once her whole body starts to tremble and you feel like she’s coming to the edge, place your mouth to cover her “hot spot” (the clitoris) and suck it gently while stimulating it with your tongue. That should make her come like never before! Once your partner has been satisfied, it’s your turn! Try it once, satisfaction guaranteed – yours AND hers!
This is often a man’s number one goal in bed. In any case, it’s a major goal: he thinks that if he can make his partner come during sex, she’ll place him on a pedestal and think of him as the best lay of her life! That’s not totally...