We’ve got nothing against the bedroom; it’s a perfectly fine place for getting it on. But there’s something to be said for trying a new sex location that offers different sensations. And no other part of the house can make the action feel as fun and adventurous quite like your shower can.


We know what you’re thinking: Shower sex is one of those things that sounds a lot sexier than it really is—like sandy beach sex or backseat of a car sex. But there are ways to do it so it’s exciting and pleasurable, and even leave you feeling more bonded to your partner. Let our guide below make the case for why shower sex should be at the top of your sexual playlist.

Shower sex is the perfect pre-work quickie

Between job responsibilities, home, and your social life, it’s not always easy to carve out quality time for a sex session. That’s where shower sex comes in. You both take one every morning anyway, and you’re already undressed. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cleanup—just soap up, rinse, and towel off.

Surprising your partner by hopping in after them or asking if they can join you while you’re waiting for the water to heat up will help you score a playful and intense start to your day. And that sense of stealing away for spontaneous action? It reinforces your desire for each other and can make you feel super close.


Heat can make your body more bendy

Heat helps relax muscles and joints, relieving tension and soothing stiffness. It also helps improve blood flow, and a blood flow boost makes skin more sensitive. With this in mind, shower sex can enhance sexual sensation and make you extra flexible—a good thing, considering that it can be tricky to find a sex position you’re both comfy in.

You’ll want to have lube handy

One of the drawbacks of having sex in water—whether it’s a shower, pool, or a hot tub—is that the water can wash away your own natural lubrication. The drier your vagina is, the less pleasure you’ll feel, and you could even end up with small tears that cause pain.

To avoid this, consider it a good reason to keep a personal lubricant nearby. “Opt for water-based lube over silicone and oil-based, which don’t dissolve,” Alyssa Dweck, ob-gyn in New York and co-author of The Complete A to Z for Your V, tells Health, and can therefore contribute to infections (not to mention, end up on the shower floor and make you slip). Water-based lube tend to wear off faster, however, so make sure you have plenty within reach.


It’s ideal when you have your period

Even though there’s no reason to skip sex when you’re menstruating, lots of women just don’t like it—they feel crampy, for one, or they don’t want their bed sheets look like a crime scene. But getting it on during your period actually has  and doing it in the shower means doing away with any mess. Plus, your flow can act as extra wetness.

The best positions keep you stable

Like sex on a sofa, shower sex confines you and your partner to a small, tight area—your bodies are pressed up close together, allowing maximum touching and kissing while you’re doing the deed. At the same time, finding a position that works for both of you can be a challenge.


Dr. Dweck suggests going with moves that offer stability. One idea: standing or leaning forward slightly as your partner enters you from behind, your hands pressed into the wall for balance. Another is the wraparound, when you and your partner face each other, and you lift your leg up and wrap it around his waist so he can enter you, she says. Or skip penetration and focus on oral sex, putting a washcloth under your knees or his for comfort.

We've got nothing against the bedroom; it's a perfectly fine place for getting it on. But there's something to be said for trying a new sex location that offers different sensations. And no other part of the house can make the action feel as fun and adventurous quite like...