Saying “I love you” is sometimes the hardest three words for a guy to blurt out. Maybe he’s holding off on saying it because of the emotional scars that are still healing from a past relationship, or perhaps he’s cautious about telling you how he really feels because he’s not sure if you feel the same way. If you have been dating for a while and your guy still has not said these three little (but meaningful) words, there are so many reasons why he could be holding back. But that is not why we are here today.

They say actions speak louder than words, so there are some non-verbal clues your guy could be giving you to let you know that he does indeed love you, he’s just not comfortable with expressing that love to you verbally just yet.

Instead of questioning him about how he really feels about you, take a look at these 15 signs that he’s already deeply in love. After all, this is what you are really after, knowing that he cares as much as you do.


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15He Pulls Away

Believe it or not, some men actually pull away when they’re falling in love. Of course, this doesn’t make any sense to women. When we’re in love, all we want to do is be with our partner 24/7. But for some men, the feelings that come along with being in love are just too much for them to handle.

When a guy feels that he’s headed over the deep end and he’s falling in love with you, he may pull away to put some distance between the two of you. This is his way of processing his feelings. If you bug him during this time, it could really kill the relationship. But if you allow him the space and time he needs to assess his feelings, it can bring the two of you together and make your relationship that much stronger in the long run.

If your relationship is going perfectly, and suddenly your guy pulls away and becomes cold and distant, don’t take it personal. He may skip out on returning your calls and text messages for a few days, but it’s all just a sign that he’s falling in love…and freaking out at the same time!

14He Caters to You

Some men are natural pleasers. They come on strong right after meeting a woman and start spoiling her after the first few weeks of meeting. Sadly, the guys who come on strong in the beginning tend to go ghost after a month or two – never to be seen from or heard from again.

A guy who is ready for a relationship and is open to falling in love will likely take a more slow and steady approach. But once he finally realizes he’s in love with you, he will go all out to show you just how much he cares.

A man who is in love will cater and spoil his girlfriend because it not only makes her happy, but it makes him happy too! Just seeing the smile on your face when he brings you your favorite coffee during your lunch break brings him a sense of joy. And if he has dinner and a bubble bath waiting for you at the end of your day, just know that he’s completely in love with you!

13He Puts Your First

In the early stages of a relationship, it’s always best to keep your own circle of friends and maintain your own interests and hobbies.

Then there comes a point in your relationship when you can feel a complete shift. Your once busy lives begin to slow down a bit, and the two of you start to spend even more time together.

When a guy is starting to fall in love, he will make you a priority in his life. If he’s hanging out with you on the couch doing absolutely nothing, and his friends call and ask for him to meet them at a bar, he’ll pass o the invitation. It’s not that he doesn’t want to see his buddies, he just much rather be with you instead. Now that’s love!

12He Asks You for Advice

You’ll know for sure that your guy is falling in love with you if he really values your opinion. No matter how big nor small the issue is, he will reach out to you for your advice. Whether he needs some help choosing a new car, or if he needs pointers on how to ask his boss for a raise, a man who’s falling in love with you will always reach out to you first to get your opinion.

Sure, he has other people in his life he could go to for help. But when a man’s in love, his woman’s opinion holds a lot of weight. He subconsciously wants to please you by making the right decision, and he knows that you would never steer him in the wrong direction.

So if your guy runs to you for advice, just know that not only does he think highly of you, but he’s already in love with you, too.

11He Starts Making Plans

There comes a point in a guy’s life when he really starts to take some time to think about the future. And we’re not talking about making plans for his summer vacation, we’re talking major life-changing decisions, like where to settle down and when to buy a house.

If your boyfriend has yet to tell you he loves you, all you have to do is listen closely to your conversations to see how he really feels about you. If he always seems to be deep in thought, try to spark a conversation with him. Eventually he should give you tidbits about what’s on his mind. If he starts to tell you that he’s thinking about the future, and he wants to be debt free in X amount of years and he wants to save X amount of money within the next six months, then it’s a pretty clear sign that he has already fallen in love with you.

These mental plans that he’s making are just for him, they’re for you too!

10He Never Forgets

A friend of mine met a guy at the gym, and the two of them got into a really hot and heavy relationship. Okay, it wasn’t technically a relationship, they were just dating. But she definitely liked him a lot more than he liked her. Her birthday was coming up, and she was wondering if gym bae was going to take her out on the town to celebrate. Well, a week before her birthday, he still hadn’t mentioned anything. And when her actual birthday had arrived, he didn’t even send her a happy birthday text. Come to find out, she had mentioned her birthday to him in passing, but he either forgot, didn’t care, or both.

When a guy isn’t serious about you, he may or may not remember your birthday. And one thing’s for sure, he won’t remember the tiny little tidbits you tell him about your life, your hobbies and your interests. He’s only sticking around for a good time, he’s not looking to put in any extra work to get to know the real you.

So when a guy actually remembers all the small things that are important to you, just know that he’s not only listening to everything you have to say, but he’s probably falling in love with you, too!

9He Loves Being Close to You

Cuddling isn’t very high on a guy’s to-do list in the beginning of a relationship. Sure, he loves coming over to your place and getting intimate, but as soon as the deed is over, he’ll be inching closer to the opposite side of the bed to create some distance between the two of you.

When a guy starts to fall in love, everything starts to change. He will want to be as close to you as possible. Even if it means your body heat makes him sweat bullets. And he doesn’t even care that your MAC makeup will get smeared all over his brand new white T-shirt. Being physically close to you is all that matters to him.

If you and your boyfriend can happily lay in silence and cuddle up for hours on end, just know that this is a guy that is already falling in love with you!,Relationship
Saying “I love you” is sometimes the hardest three words for a guy to blurt out. Maybe he’s holding off on saying it because of the emotional scars that are still healing from a past relationship, or perhaps he’s cautious about telling you how he really feels because he’s...