1. You catch him staring at you when he thinks that you’re looking away. He just can’t help but look at you. He loves looking at you. He wants to be able to take in your beauty with his eyes. He wants to absorb every single part of how you look. You’re his literal eye candy.

2. You notice that he starts to distance himself from you whenever you have really deep and meaningful conversations. This is because things are starting to get real for him, and he’s scared that he might not be prepared for the reality of what he’s getting himself into with you.

3. Whenever you guys have sex, he doesn’t just get up and leave right away. He sticks around for a bit to engage in pillow talk with you. He cuddles with you. He wraps you in his embrace. He doesn’t just treat you like some sexual object that he can discard once he’s through with you.

4. He opens up to you about how he has been hurt so badly in the past by a girl that he used to really like. And he’s scared of ever opening himself up to that kind of pain again. Not to say that he won’t open up to you, but he’s just letting you know how scared he is; and how traumatic it might be for a guy like him to be putting himself in such a vulnerable position with a girl even when he has been broken in the past.

5. He doesn’t act consistently with you because he doesn’t want to come off as overly aggressive. He doesn’t want to be all-in when he doesn’t know how you feel about him as well. You might think that he’s just being unsure about you. He’s pretty sure about you already. It’s just that he’s not so sure about what he’s supposed to do.

6. He gets really uncomfortable whenever you start to try to define the relationship because he hasn’t really given much thought to how he feels just yet. It’s not that he doesn’t have feelings for you. HE probably does. Otherwise, why would he be with you? It’s just that he’s still trying to navigate his way through his feelings. And he doesn’t exactly know what to tell you just yet.

7. He hasn’t ever really called you his girlfriend, and you don’t think that he has any plans to do so anytime soon. But he certainly does play the part. He’s essentially acting like your boyfriend already. And even the people who look at you from outside of your relationship assume that you’re already a couple. And it’s evident in the way that he treats you that he has real feelings for you.

8. He isn’t really the talky type. He’s not going to tell you outright that he likes you. He might not even realize it for himself that he’s already super into you. So, you can’t really blame him for not being verbally affectionate towards you. But you can always tell that he likes you based on the way he acts when he’s around you. He will always be able to prove his loyalty and commitment to you in the form of real actions.

9. When you are locked in a deep stare with one another, he’s going to look intently into your eyes. He’s going to want to gaze deep into your soul. He’s going to want to see the person underneath it all by looking straight into your eyes. And once he feels like things are getting a little too deep, real, and intense between the two of you. He’s going to break eye contact. And he’s only going to break it because the intensity of his feelings scared him a little bit.

10. Sure, he might be keeping quiet about how he feels about you. But that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t told his friends that he likes you. So, if your friends are taking it upon themselves to tell you that he’s really serious about you, then you should believe them. Just be patient and he’s eventually going to muster up the courage to tell you himself.

11. He tells you that he isn’t exactly looking for anything serious, but the truth is that he is. And he’s already acting super serious with you.

12. He’s going to act really affectionate with you whenever it’s just the two of you. He’s going to hug you and kiss you. He’s going to hold your hand. But don’t be surprised if he’s going to distance himself a little bit from you when you’re in public. It’s just his way of maintaining boundaries.

13. He evidently gets jealous whenever you start getting close to another guy. He knows that he doesn’t have ownership of you, but it doesn’t keep him from acting protective and territorial.

1. You catch him staring at you when he thinks that you’re looking away. He just can’t help but look at you. He loves looking at you. He wants to be able to take in your beauty with his eyes. He wants to absorb every single part of how...